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Never before have the expectations of target groups changed so quickly, never before have the requirements of brand communication been so complex. People want to be unique and belong at the same time. This tension offers great potential in communication.

Communication is no longer divided into B2B, B2C or HR, but is Human2Human communication - internally and externally.

The basis of all communication is the "shared purpose". This enables "shared understanding" and leads to "shared behavior" - and thus to corporate success.

We transform your brand communication to maximum efficiency and thus added value. Our expertise lies in the following areas


Understanding and retaining customers

Customers of yesterday are different today. At the same time, there are increasingly more players offering the same services and products. Expectations are rising that each company must deliver consistently good performance. Given this background, a high level of customer loyalty gives you reliability.

In communication, the recipient decides what the message is. So do your customers when they make a decision for or against your brand.

We are aware of that. With this sharpened understanding, you can target your communication more effectively and successfully build long-term customer loyalty.

CONCEPT X - your management consultants for

  • Market segmentation
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer centricity transformation
  • Growth strategies


Value-oriented action wins

Consumers have become prosumers: In the past, purchasing decisions depended largely on the value proposition. Today, the values of the provider are becoming increasingly important. Never before has a clear social and ideal positioning been more in demand. The attitude of your company is evidently becoming an economic success factor.

Attitude basically reflects the company's right to exist. All stakeholders identify with it. Developing this together with them is one of our core competencies. Then communicating your newly defined attitude in a targeted manner: For more identification, transparency and sustainable value creation with high customer loyalty.

CONCEPT X - your management consultants for

  • Development of the corporate culture
  • Purpose definition
  • Values ​​& responsibility
  • Leadership culture


Corporate success due to strong brands

Brand is much more than a logo or a product. Brands are created in people's minds. Strong brands are aware of their identity and values, live them and create an emotional world of experience. This is how you turn your customers into fans and your employees into ambassadors!

With an authentic, lived brand positioning, we jointly create the foundation for your identification - internally and externally. To achieve this, a brand strategy is just as important as the right creative communication.

CONCEPT X - your management consultants for

  • Brand strategy
  • Corporate branding
  • Employer branding
  • Internal branding


Create genuine, engaging brand experiences

Creative communication creates strong brands. It makes your brand tangible, differentiates from others, and ultimately decides whether you buy or not. It is the key to more esteem and added value for your company.

Together we create such experiences. Coherent, surprising, touching and always with that extra bit of creativity.

Consistency is key. The time when analog and digital communication could be considered separately is gone. The only way to be truly successful is to communicate the same attitude, values, and services authentically and emotionally across all brand touchpoints.

Therefore: Let's look at your communication holistically.

CONCEPT X - your management consultants for

  • Live
  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • PR


Those who benefit from disruptive change are ready to change and have the confidence to reinvent themselves. Innovation, inspiration and creativity drive organizations to top performance. The collective experience of the Corona period is changing the world of work continuously, sometimes suddenly. In any case, sustainable.

Working is more digital, more flexible and more agile. The focus is on people, they strive for connection. Relationships, emotions and interaction. Transformation, digitization and new work do not succeed on instruction. To do this, you need the undiscovered resources in your own company and we support you in uncovering them and then using them to add value.

CONCEPT X - your management consultants for

  • New Work & Newsroom
  • Digitalization
  • Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Transformation / change management


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