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Do you recognise yourself? So do I. My birth year is right in the heart of Generation Y. Why? The question of meaning, of why, is at the heart of our Y-ness. At least that’s what the research says. And when I take a closer look at the field study of my life and my Millennial (Y) peer group, I can say it’s true. And that ensures that the values clash with the Baby Boomer and Gen X generations is bound to happen. “Work first, pleasure later” has had its day. My generation is striving for self-realization, work-life balance and a sense of purpose. And this in a working world whose managers are still very much entrenched in old structures, hierarchies and dominant management styles.

For all those who are now lovingly rolling their eyes again and lamenting “everything was better in the old days”: Here’s your scarf and gloves. Dress warmly. There’s a storm coming – and that’s a good thing!

XYZ – More than just a resolution according to variables

The evolution of time ensures that Millennials are now professionals and leaders. And we are turning the job market upside down! Technology-savvy, self-directed and often less connected to our employer – but also more positive, team-oriented and idealistic. And we’re introducing a generation of Z into the workforce.

Now what is that again? Growing up Generation Z was already different from previous generations. Children were at the center of their parents’ lives, involved in decisions, motivated and praised. This led to increased self-confidence and the recognition of one’s own self-worth. This is the origin of the desire for independence, curiosity and openness, which are lived using all technical possibilities. They strive for an optimal mix of work life with an extra portion of added value and leisure time. (Prof. Christian Scholz) The striving for self-determination becomes a striving for self-optimization.

Alpha: The beginning of the beginning?

For those of you who already see this as a challenge, I can advise you to buckle up and put on your helmets. We’re going on a journey into the future together.

The term “alpha” was coined by Australian social researcher Mark McCrindle, who wanted to verbalize a new start with the Generation cohort back in 2008. Here comes the self-fulfilling prophecy: ALPHA sounds like a beginning, like leadership and assertiveness. It heralds a paradigm shift. This generation will be the best educated, best equipped with technology ever.

Diversification, democracy, digitization, equality, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, metaverse, and volatile moral expectations are shaping who this generation is.

Are you feeling a little dizzy in the head now? Then off through the magic bullet and back to the present.

Employers must prepare for a wave of Darwiportunism
(Univ. -Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz)

The good news is: you can initiate changes today that will enable you to optimally deal with generations Z and Alpha in your company.

In the area of purchasing decisions, it is important to show and prove #attitude as a company. Stand up for yourself and your #values.

The reduction in #brandloyalty can be countered with #relationship management, #value and #sustainability.

Ensure reachability through an appropriate #measuremix and #communication on the appropriate channels with captivating #storytelling as well as #infotainment on #socialmedia.

To ensure your standing in the employer market, develop appropriate models of #newwork and #employerbranding. Train your leaders in #Leadership4.0 to meet the demands of Gen Z and Alpha.

Level up oder game over?

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities and want us to accompany you in this #change process, feel free to contact me. By WhatsApp (+49 176 4172 4570), DM ( or by mail (

Of course, we can also meet in the classic way over an organic fair trade coffee with oat milk at a local cafe around the corner (there I can not get rid of my Y-skin). Or give me a call. I look forward to an exciting future with you!

Excursus: All beginnings are difficult – especially that of Generation Alpha

The Alpha children did not necessarily have an easy start. The word “crisis” is deeply anchored in their vocabulary and is part of their everyday life. To make matters worse, after the Covid period full of restrictions – but also a focus on the family – their parents are now expected to announce the next crisis message. The failure of democracy and a start of war in the heart of Europe. “There, young people who don’t know or hate each other are killing each other based on the order of old people who don’t kill each other but hate each other.” A tragedy that is very, very difficult to cope with and certainly not to understand.

Melanie Lammers, 20.06.2022

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