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Leadership 4.0 – How leadership became human again

In times of crisis, people long for leadership, both socially and in the working context. In addition to recommendations for action, guidelines and goals, the need for consideration of human aspects in the context of entrepreneurial action grows above all in times of uncertainty.

Leadership styles with values like authority and control have long been dusty. Even the collaborative leadership style has already experienced its heyday in the past decade. And what does the leadership of today and tomorrow look like? Evolved to Leadership 4.0, human leadership is the focus of timely management. The new magic words are: Human Leadership.

Human Leadership is holistically linked to the development of New Work. It is about a general reduction of hierarchies and bureaucracy. Within the framework of the so-called holocracy, dominant, frigid or unapproachable leadership behavior has become obsolete. The development of guard rails for the employee units (holons) active in the company is decisive in perspective. In the future, leadership will not be a question of a title, but of a lived attitude on the part of the manager. Values such as openness, accessibility, fairness, respect, transparency, empathy, loyalty and integrity are essential for the success of tomorrow’s leadership.

What makes a leader for a successful implementation of the human leadership approach? What qualities will be required of managers in the future? The toolset of the human leader is characterized by active listening, the lived connection with colleagues and a contemporary “growth mindset”. As an inspiring coach and moderator, it is essential to convey the respective corporate vision, to engage in pictorial storytelling, and thus to reach employees emotionally.

How do I achieve a musketeer mentality within my teams?

Instead of delegating tasks, managers should distribute responsibility within the teams without handing over the formal superior function. This is the only way to enable the employees to identify with the goal and the task. This increases the respective commitment of the employees. The prerequisite for this is trust in the abilities and motivation of the employees. Only then is empowerment, i.e. the ability for self-determination and responsibility, possible in a goal-oriented manner. In order to facilitate this effect, it is important to create a team feeling and to focus collaborative work on a common goal. This creates a binding and powerful commitment within the teams. Connection is the keyword here! It is about a form of interaction within teams that was previously reserved for private life: it is about successful relationship management, about high-quality and holistic human relationships in the workplace.

Human Leadership – an economic nightmare?

Within the framework of this modern and agile form of leadership, which is based on trust, it is possible for managers to devote more time to the core tasks of the company in order to accompany the complexity of change within the company and the transformation of the organization.

The strength of differences can ensure disproportionately good results in companies and mixed teams. Diversity through the interaction of different people and their individual strengths can lead to a strengthening of competencies. In order to be able to use the synergy effects optimally in the corporate sense, care should be taken to ensure that, despite the differences, a harmonious community basis forms the foundation of the teams. Promote the potential of the people in your team! Discover the respective strengths and support them.

We would be happy to share further information and insights on this topic with you in a joint discussion. We look forward to your call!

Melanie Lammers, 09.11.2021

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When you redefine your attitude, you automatically transform your current organization. It becomes more holistic, digital, and agile. The one thing that will remain consistent: People are at the center of transformation projects. An open mindset regarding New Work and Leadership as well as awareness paired with empathic efficiency are essential for me in our collaborations.
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