Your new spirit of success is waiting! Apply as Marketing Manager in Koblenz (m/f/d)

  • Marketing Manager (m/f/d)
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Immediately
  • Koblenz and home office

As Marketing Manager at CX you initiate change.

Communication, marketing and sales often lack brand strategy – we will change that together! With you, we want to inspire our customers, realize marketing projects and we want to enable them to sustainably fill their own brand with life and proudly carry it internally and externally. That’s why it’s important that you know your way around various marketing disciplines, can control processes and independently initiate or implement the necessary steps. Our well-coordinated team of strategists and creatives will be at your side. As part of CONCEPT X, you will actively initiate changes that will make our customers’ communication more targeted and creative, their employees happier in the long term, online marketing more efficient… or in short: more successful and satisfied. That’s the feeling you’ll go home with. (On Fridays, if you like, already at 15:00).

You want to…

  • work with customers from different industries
  • successfully implement marketing projects operationally (plan, budget and check)
  • not only work in marketing niches, but manage meaningful marketing strategies across channels
  • help develop targeted mixes of measures and media plans
  • train to present and argue convincingly
  • actively develop and implement meaningful marketing strategies themselves in the future
  • learn to think entrepreneurially and holistically
  • proactively contribute your own ideas and initiate changes
  • develop yourself through individual support and make your strengths even stronger

You can…

  • familiarize yourself with new tasks in a short time
  • maintain an overview in projects with customers, partners and your own team
  • reflect very well and think through tasks and processes critically
  • independently research project-relevant information, studies or analyses.
  • Ideally, you can draw on knowledge from your studies/training in the field of branding, marketing, communication and/or relevant work experience.

You get…

  • structure and freedom in the implementation of your tasks and trust from team and management
  • open, honest dialog and transparency
  • individual support (regular development meetings, internal training, external training, …)
  • the conditions you need for your good work (flexible working hours, home office or office – let’s talk about it!)
  • consistent overtime and time off compensation

Overall, everything fits for you – you are just unsure whether you meet the requirements? Call us, write an email and just ask! We’ll sort it out together.

You apply – and then?

You can count on this process with us.

At CheckX out! you have the opportunity to visit us in Koblenz for one or two days, to get to know your future team and to get a taste of your possible tasks. After a short arrival you will get your first job to work on. You start with a detailed briefing by your colleagues or the management, get started and can agree on an intermediate status before you present your results and receive open, reflective feedback from us. Afterwards, we sit down for a feedback session and find out if it’s a good fit for both sides.

Who is looking forward to meeting you?

At the Koblenz location, a 15-person team awaits you. Together we think deeply, ask critical questions, get creative and look for meaningful answers. Three things connect us in particular:

  • Very high quality standards for ourselves and for our common result.
  • A sense of responsibility towards our environment (climate neutral since 2020, specially initiated clean-ups and always new ideas for more environmental awareness and a smaller CO2 footprint)
  • The conviction that the combination of strong brand strategies and appropriate, creative communication is a true key to success

The understanding of holistic brand communication is shared by all 50 colleagues at CX, whether here in Koblenz, in Rheine, Cologne or Hamburg. Together we celebrate successes and exchange ideas in personal or virtual team events. Maybe the next one with you already?

You know someone?

This job offer is not a perfect fit for you, but a person from your circle of acquaintances is? Feel free to share it!

Desiree Sturm CONCEPT X

Desiree Sturm

Brand & Communication
„Success comes from managing and living a brand sustainably.“
I'm particularly fascinated by how strong brands and clever communication can have an impact on more sustainable practices. I love it when not only some individuals but the whole company benefit and at the same time our environment is treated responsibly in the process.
Then attitude and good stories emerge. Then people and companies also have relevant things to tell. Please do it in such a way that it is exciting, fits to the brand and continuously contributes to it.
Many companies don't know how and where to start. That's why, in a first step, I develop brand strategies and communication concepts with CONCEPT X, showing how companies can communicate more successfully in a structured way. In doing so, I ensure a clear, common understanding of the brand identity in close exchange.
In the second step, I also support my clients in their communications - as a strategic thinking and inspiring creative partner in one. By the way, this is how a sustainable approach with a long-term effect is created.
Curious now?
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