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Vanessa Salomon CONCEPT X

Vanessa Salomon

Market & Brand
„Gatekeeper brand – only those who convince succeed!“
The brand as market access? Absolutely. Because the more complex the world is, the stronger your brand has to be in order to stand out, generate relevance and differentiate itself from competitors.
In the process, brands evolve just as companies do themselves or as their markets do with all the relevant players. That is why companies with visions can't avoid a well-founded brand development.
In this respect, working out your brand core is probably the most exciting task for me - because it depends both on the people who ultimately fill it with life and on clear, measurable data. Only the consolidation of all factors forms an authentic, sustainable and meaningful brand.
In my role as Strategic Brand Consultant at CONCEPT X, I have had the privilege of supporting many entrepreneurs in their change process. My brand strategy assessments and the resulting recommendations for action are characterized by a good portion of heart and mind.
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